How CANTERRA Design + Build Is Adapting with COVID-19

With the second wave of COVID-19 in full swing across the region, CANTERRA Design + Build, like everyone else, continues to adapt to the evolving ‘new normal.’ Although we were not required to suspend our operations at any point during the pandemic, we did re-evaluate and quickly adjust how we conduct our business at every phase to ensure our team, partners, and clients’ safety.

From the start, our business operations migrated to a new setting – online. We now conduct the majority of our meetings via virtual means, such as Zoom, FaceTime, or teleconferencing. When an in-person session is required, we wear face masks and maintain physical distance, whether indoors or outdoors. Once our meeting is complete, we conduct full sanitation of the space.

The initial construction shutdowns at the start of the pandemic greatly impacted all residential projects. While we adapted under the emerging and ever-changing pandemic restrictions, we still had to work through longer timelines with our partners due to temporary business closures or communication delays and securing building permits. Although the construction shutdown is behind us, our team continues working hard through this pandemic to overcome our industry’s obstacles to keep plans & construction projects on schedule.

Home design trends are also shifting as people settle into this new reality. With more of us working from home, and possibly indefinitely for some, the home office space has gained much more attention – becoming a premium and priority space in home design and functionality. We are also seeing indoor/outdoor living spaces growing in popularity and importance as homeowners are looking for ways to maximize and expand their living space footprint to include the outdoors.

Together, we will get through these challenging times. Our team here at CANTERRA Design + Build is confident we can serve our clients and the community safely, and we will continue to monitor and adapt our operations as needed. If you have any questions, please do reach out to us directly.

Stay positive and stay safe,

CANTERRA Design + Build